We knew the Terrifier & Terrifier 2 VHS drop would be big, but Art the Clown once again broke the internet. While the love for indie horror and VHS was heartwarming, we know the experience was frustrating for many, and for that we sincerely apologize.

We made as many copies available as our capacities would allow (Terrifier 2 requires longer tapes, which are increasingly harder to come by), but it doesn’t feel good to disappoint our supporters and fans of the franchise. We greatly appreciate those who were understanding of the unfortunate situation.

The standard edition of Terrifier 2 will be restocked – perhaps with a variant – later in 2023 when we’re able to replenish inventory. Terrifier standard editions and a handful of book boxes are still in stock as of this writing on 12/30/22.

We are cancelling duplicate orders (as always, we enforce the best we can a one-variant-each-per-person policy) along with any orders we can verify and trace directly to eBay listings. As such, a very small quantity of sold-out editions will be made available after all orders ship.

Prior to launch, we consulted with our server provider many times and upgraded our plan to handle the anticipated influx of traffic based on those conversations, but the site still crashed. Our email notification system within our shop backend also went down, but if your payment method was successfully charged the order should be in processing.

If you were charged multiple times due to the site crashing, all but one should reverse automatically. If that doesn’t happen with in 14 days, let us know and we will investigate the situation and do a manual refund. You can contact us for this or any other reason via orders@witterentertainment.com.

Tracking numbers will be emailed when orders are getting ready to ship in the order we received them, which is projected to begin in February. Please continue to bear with us, as manufacturing and fulfillment is a one-person operation with hundreds and hundreds of orders to complete.

UPDATE JAN. 2023: As a reminder, if a charge has stuck to a payment method since 12/27 and is no longer pending, that should reflect a completed sale into our processor. We believe the book boxes will be the longest delivery time based on their delivery to us for fulfillment, and the paper shortage regarding the stock for them through our commercial printing partner.  You will start to see standard editions and big box tracking going out in early February at the latest, currently.

Thanks so much for your continued support,
Witter Entertainment and Broke Horror Fan