After Midnight VHS

$25.00 presents After Midnight on limited edition, fully functional VHS!

The 2019 romantic monster movie is co-directed by Jeremy Gardner (The Battery) and Christian Stella. Gardner stars with Brea Grant (Dexter), Henry Zebrowski (The Last Podcast on the Left), and Justin Benson (The Endless).

After Midnight arrive on VHS in a black clamshell case with artwork by Blair McCoy. It is officially licensed from Cranked Up Films and has been approved by directors Jeremy Gardner and Christian Stella. The release is limited to 50 tapes.

Each copy includes an exclusive introduction by directors Jeremy Gardner and Christian Stella and a letter from Gardner. Stay tuned after the movie for special features: a behind-the-scenes featurette and Brea and Barak Find Scooters.

     Ten years into his small-town, storybook romance with Abby, Hank suddenly wakes up to an empty home. With nothing but a cryptic note to explain why she left, Hank’s charmed life begins to fall apart. To make matters worse, Abby’s disappearance seems to trigger the arrival of a ferocious creature that crawls out of the old grove on the edge of his property.

For optimal VHS viewing, the film has been cropped from its original aspect ratio to 4:3 full frame. Available in the US only, limit 1 per customer. This is a pre-order and due to the COVID-19 crisis delays and guidelines it is now expected to ship, along with other items in your cart when you order, in early May. *Adding items to your cart does not guarantee a sale during times of heightened traffic.

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