Brutal Massacre: A Comedy VHS

$25.00 presents Brutal Massacre: A Comedy on limited edition, fully functional VHS! LESS THAN 5 LEFT

The 2007 horror-comedy mockumentary stars David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead), Gunnar Hansen (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Brian O’Halloran (Clerks), Gerry Bednob (The 40 Year Old Virgin), and Ellen Sandweiss (Evil Dead).

Brutal Massacre: A Comedy arrives on VHS in a black clamshell case. It is officially licensed and approved by writer-director Stevan Mena (Bereavement). Each tape includes exclusive introductions by Brian O’Halloran and Gerry Bednob, plus a letter from Stevan Mena. Stay tuned after the movie for a special feature: The Making of Brutal Massacre.

 Henry Penderecki, a once heralded horror auteur, finds himself on the outside looking in at Hollywood. He hasn’t had a hit film in years, and most of the industry, including his close friends, think he’s washed up. Harry is given one last chance to redeem himself with what could be his best or last picture. Brutal Massacre becomes just that, as the cast and crew find themselves battling one mishap after another as Harry struggles to keep his sanity against overwhelming resistance to finish the picture and find himself at the top once again.

For optimal VHS viewing, the film has been cropped from its original aspect ratio to 4:3 full frame. Limited to 50 tapes, available in the U.S. only.  1 per customer.

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