presents Survival of the Film Freaks on limited edition, fully functional VHS!

The 2018 cult film documentary arrives on VHS in a black clamshell case with artwork by Joel Robinson (Scream Factory). It is officially licensed and has been approved by directors Kyle Kuchta and Bill Fulkerson. This release is limited to 50 tapes.

Interview subjects include Joe Bob Briggs (MonsterVision), Ted Raimi (Evil Dead II), Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger), Adam Green (Hatchet), Greydon Clark (Without Warning), Luigi Cozzi (Starcrash), William Sachs (The Incredible Melting Man), Jackson Stewart (Beyond the Gates), Stephen Scarlata (Jodorowsky’s Dune), and more!

Every tape includes a letter and an exclusive introduction from co-directors Kyle Kuchta (Fantasm) and Bill Fulkerson (Outside the Cinema podcast). Stay tuned after the movie for a special feature: Making a Mood: The Music of Survival of the Film Freaks.

Survival of the Film Freaks explores decades of technological evolution through the gritty lens of cult cinema, examining how the digital age has transformed the way underground movies are experienced.

For optimal viewing, the film has been cropped from its original aspect ratio to 4:3 full frame. Limit 1 per customer.

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